Q:  I’m building a new home in southwest Florida and wish to emphasize the architectural elements and landscaping with some dramatic lighting like I see in magazines.  What does ArtisTree suggest?

A:  A brilliant questions deserves a brilliant answer, so let’s talk about LED landscape lighting. First of all, energy efficiency is key to choosing an outdoor lighting package. For residential lighting, LED steals the show for being more energy efficient and longer lasting than halogen.  Sure, halogen’s initial price is lower, whereas the initial investment in LEDs can be rather expensive. But one study shows a savings of nearly $8,000 in operating costs of a LED system over halogen based on the same number of fixtures, lamp wattage and usage over an 18-year period.

Regardless of which system you choose, landscape lighting is a highly efficient way to add curb appeal, safety and security to your home.  Low-voltage halogen lighting has long been the industry standard for landscape lighting; however, strides in commercial LED landscape lighting have made halogen a less attractive option. Both the flexibility and power requirements of an LED system save time and a ton of money over the life of the materials.  Also, the voltage-drop issues that can plague a halogen system are virtually non-existent.

Still, it’s important to remember that all lighting systems require some maintenance from time to time.  You’ll need to regularly check wiring, clean lenses and re-direct light to accommodate growth and changes in your landscape. Regardless, wise homeowners will start with a quality landscape lighting system expertly installed by a professional company.

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Brilliant architecture illuminated by brilliant LED lighting.

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