I remember a non-ArtisTree client telling me how he locked his timer box before leaving on a three-week summer vacation. He left the key with a neighbor, but it didn’t matter because the battery decided to die right after he left. He returned to a brown lawn that eventually had to be re-sodded.

“My neighbor felt terrible about it and whispered that sprinkler systems always intimidated her,” he said, wondering why she didn’t tell him that special little fact when she accepted his key.

There’s no reason why any homeowner should feel intimidated by an irrigation system, especially if it’s serviced by a reputable landscape maintenance company. But because we’re asked often, here’s a checklist of what you can personally do to head off irrigation problems:

      Change the battery in your irrigation timer once a year.
      Always have a designated person who has access to your timer if you’re away from home.
      Turn off your system in the rainy season to conserve our precious resources.
      Inspect your meter. If it’s turning and the water is off, you may have a leak.
      Consider an upgrade to your system by installing more efficient nozzles.
    Make sure your sprinkler-head guards or “donuts” are each trimmed so irrigation heads can pop up and water effectively.

Follow these six easy steps and you won’t be left high and dry. Take time to familiarize yourself with your irrigation system, and you’ll have a beautiful lawn to show for it.

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