A Casey Key homeowner asked ArtisTree to create a functional, sustainable, no-turf landscape design that would work on three different levels: It had to be aesthetically pleasing, minimally impactful and congruent with the home’s architecture and coastal environment. It also had to accomodate her family’s lifestyle, which included frequent entertaining and just kicking back. Since our client had mused on artwork viewed in the museums of Paris, one of the elements we decided to create for her was a living masterpiece — a one-of-a-kind living wall (vertical garden) outside the master bathroom window consisting of artfully placed, drought-resistant succulents. Their tapestry of colors and textures reflected in the master-bath mirror for a truly stunning visual effect.

Living walls have become a popular art form for many homeowners throughout Florida due to their low maintenance, intense beauty, lack of heavy water usage and air-purification benefits. Like a green roof, they capture rainwater to minimize the use of water resources. Most green wall panels feature eco-friendly containers filled with growing medium, often installed at a slant to support the selected plants. Occasional pruning and dead-wooding are necessary to maintain the propoer shape and color of a green wall. ArtisTree’s design experts are experienced in sustainable landscaping practices and can assist you with creating your own vertical-garden masterpiece.

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