The rain started pouring and I had a decision to make: either tell our landscape-maintenance crew to finish mowing as fast as it could, or just call it a day and come back the next morning. The showers slowed for a bit, but the skies didn’t look good and I knew more rain was on the way.

I called it a day, much to the approval of a woman who had come over to chat with me. “I can tell you one thing right now,” she said, referring to the landscape company who was maintaining her community just a couple of blocks away. “I know those guys are cutting my grass right now and leaving ruts all over my neighborhood.”

Of course, any landscape-maintenance company wants to stay ahead of the curve, but when it’s a muddy, slippery curve, a call has to be made: Is it worth endangering crews and damaging valuable turf?

It’s a tough and potentially expensive decision to make. Bringing back crews the next day involves additional fuel costs and extensive rescheduling. Crews have to work extra time to get caught up even if it might mean working on a Saturday.

On the other hand, “mudding and rutting it” muddies up everything — not only the valuable properties we’re hired to maintain, but something that’s truly priceless: the trust you place in us as a responsible landscape company to do the right thing, make the right call — and not leave you in the trenches.


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