It’s not too late for July 4th plantings, but please don’t tell my wife because it will start a revolution and I’ll have to surrender my barbecue tongs.

However, if you have some time and want to go all out without spending a lot of money, consider a patriotic color combination of annuals. You have several choices:

— Try red and blue salvia with a border of white vinca ( aka periwinkle).  Or, red and white vinca with blue salvia.

— How about red and white caladiums? They look great mixed together and could be bordered with blue salvia or blue daze.

— Have an existing area of blue plumbago? Add a border of red pentas or salvia and finish with white periwinkles. Just remember that your plumbago won’t need as much water as your new annuals, so adjust your irrigation coverage. Or, you can use other shrubs that have similar drought tolerance such as red and white lantana.

Not to raise any flags, but the sooner you get started, the sooner you can start admiring your handiwork and get some good grilling time in, too (which is exactly what my wife would say).

Have a safe and Happy Fourth!


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