Shawnby Shawn Gulbrandsen, ArtisTree Landscape Designer & ISA Certified Arborist

Q: I live on the water in Southwest Florida and need a dramatic focal point for my home’s front yard. Do you have a palm recommendation for me?

A: While there are several dramatic and beautiful palms to choose from, not too many tolerate the salty air and sea spray of a coastal location. But you’re in luck because there is one that’s sure to get your neighbors and guests talking: the dreamy, almost-voluptuous bottle palm. I’d choose the triple-trunk variety for its unique appearance (plus it will thrive in a pot or the ground). Its smooth gray trunk is bulbous at the bottom, but as it matures, the width evens out, appearing slightly conical in the oldest specimens. The four to eight fronds arch upward and curve down like feather-like fans — the perfect “icing on the cake” for this stunning showstopper for your Florida landscape.

triple bottle

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