Schefflera arboricola Trinette may be the best-behaved plant in your Southwest Florida landscape and for good reason. It looks good anywhere and requires minimal care. Because of this, you’ll see it used a lot. But paired with the right plant selections, you can create a look that’s distinctly yours.

Arboricola looks best in part sun or part shade, although it will grow in full sun/shade. (Its bright yellow and green foliage is a showstopper either way.) Plant it in mass to be the star of your landscape, or use it as an accent to highlight other plants. Need ideas? How about around the trunk of a tree or palm? Or lining your patio or pool cage? You can also plant it in drifts to add color to a shady area, or establish it as a low hedge for a neighbor-friendly fence.

Whatever you decide, you’ll enjoy the tropical flair that this easy-care, evergreen shrub will add to your landscape. The schefflera arboricola Trinette is a true dream plant that, when artfully placed, can be the creative addition you’re looking for.


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