Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and what better way to welcome your guests than with a big fat pineapple. That’s right; scoot that dry cornucopia off your table and replace it with nature’s only edible bromeliad. After all, if the pineapple was good enough for the natives of Guadalupe to present to Christopher Columbus in 1493, it’s good enough for you to present to your special guests, too.

While pineapple adornments remain the worldwide symbol of hospitality (you see them on everything from party napkins to window shutters), that doesn’t mean you have to go carve one on your front door. Just purchase a pineapple from your local farmer’s market or grocery store, set it out and/or use in your favorite holiday recipe. Hold on to the top, though, because you can grow another one yourself.

Just cut the top a half inch below the leaves and remove some of the lowest leaves. Trim off the outer portion of the top at the bottom of the crown until you see root buds; then plant in your favorite container. Be patient; pineapples grow slowly, so give it time (yes, we’re talking a year or more). Although pineapples tolerate full sun to fairly dark conditions, they’re most attractive as ornamentals if given some protection from the heat of midday sun. Well-drained soil is required for best growth, and plant on four foot centers to allow room to spread its foliage. Do not plant in areas where children or pets play because the spines can cause injury.
Prefer a video? Take a look and get growing!


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