Is your homeowner association (HOA) tired of its Washingtonian palms but clueless as to what to replace them with? The elegant Carnavon Gorge palm could be the perfect fit for your community (it also works great as an alternative for Chinese fan or sabal palms). Its resistance to Texas Phoenix decline, lethal yellowing, fusarium wilt and palm weevils makes it a smart choice for budget-conscious HOA boards who want aesthetically pleasing but reliable palm specimens.


Carnavon Gorge palm – Photo by Fish Branch Tree Farm

Native to southern Asia, Australia and the Horn of Africa, the Carnavon Gorge palm is cold hardy to zone 8 or more and will become self-cleaning as it matures. Consistent watering will increase the growth rate; however, the palm can also sustain bouts of little or no rain. Its full canopy and sturdy trunk will grow to about 50-feet tall with a 15-feet frond spread. Dark drooping tips make it a distinctive choice for just about any tropical landscape.

A variety of applications will suit the Carnavon Gorge palm—lining an entryway or prominent avenue in your community to staggered groupings around the pool. Consult with your local nursery or landscape maintenance vendor for more information on how this tall, dark and handsome guy can liven up your community’s landscape!

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