Standing tall with a bearded trunk emerging straight from the ground, the Old Man palm is perfect for your seashore residence. Just a heads up, though: This particular Old Man has been known to dominate conversations based on his looks alone. Five-foot spiky flower sprays spring right out of his crown, and widespread fronds – emerald green on top and silvery green on the bottom – jut straight out of his trunk.

If you think one Old Man looks good, wait until you see several in a group setting. Thing is, though, these Cuban natives are a bit pricey (due to their thick layers of wool-like fibers). You may just want to plant one as a strong focal point.

What are the Old Man’s needs? Well, he can get pretty cranky if it’s too humid or windy because that means he’ll have a seriously bad beard day. He might even lose parts of his beard altogether. So plant him in a small protected area in your Southwest Florida landscape and he won’t complain. He’s happiest getting full or partial sun and prefers a moist, well-drained soil. (Yes, like most old men, he’s set in his ways and wants what he wants.)

Intrigued? Consult a professional landscape designer to learn more about how this rare rugged palm can accentuate your Florida landscape and make it look new again.

15 years plus

Landscape Designed Old Men Palm

Teenager. Old Man Palm

Old Man Palm in Full Bloom

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