Looking for a versatile show-stopper that will freeze you in your tracks? Consider Asian Snow — a rare tropical shrub boasting delicate, star-shaped blooms all year long. Also known as Snowflake, Arctic Snow and Milky Way, this little beauty is a nice breath of fresh air amidst the usual green tropical plants that Floridians are so accustomed to. Its snowy white flowers are so simple in form, yet so attractive in sheer numbers when planted near dark green foliage.

You’ll also be delighted with Asian Snow’s extremely fragrant scent and its ability to grow in full sun or partial shade. With regular watering and occasional fertilizing, it will reward you with profuse blooms again and again. Better yet, pests and disease don’t bother this compact, tidy plant at all – so you can plant it just about anywhere – inside containers, as a small dramatic hedge or even indoors.

By the way, did you know Asian Snow is native to Sri Lanka and used as a medicinal plant throughout India? Its bark possesses anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, and the leaves are harvested to treat several skin disorders. Who knew this little shrub was so adaptable? Contact your local landscape professional to determine if Asian Snow is a good selection for your Southwest Florida landscape. Just a word of caution, though: you may cause a flurry of excitement in your neighborhood, so better be prepared.

Asian Snow - ArtisTree

Asian Snow – ArtisTree

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