Stand up and give this cold-hardy, rare palm a big hand. The crowd-pleasing Caranday palm (copernicia alba) is perfect for your Sarasota landscape.  Planted as a primary focal point or in a group, we guarantee this gorgeous specimen (which can withstand temperatures below freezing) will not only elicit big oohs and aahs from your neighbors, but also draw you outside to simply just gaze at it.

Native to South America, the Caranday palm has a, gray, hardy trunk topped with fan-shaped fronds that produce a wax (same genus as the carnauba wax palm) used in everyday products like car polish, candles and lipstick.  Most recently, it has been studied for its suitability as a biodiesel oil crop, and its trunks have even been used for telephone and electrical line poles. Who knew?

Slow-growing and pest resistant, this low-maintenance beauty will reach nearly 40 feet at maturity, so be sure to plant it in a spot with lots of room to grow in full or partial sun. Apply a good quality palm fertilizer twice a year. Intrigued? Then contact your local, professional landscape design company to see how this palm will grab the spotlight in your Southwest Florida landscape design plan.


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