Need a cool-weather flowering plant for your Southwest Florida garden? Consider the showy Philippine violet for its flush of lavender blossoms (white or pink varieties are also available).  Its fast-growing habit in the fall and early winter makes it a superb addition for a hedge or naturalized area.  A shrinking violet it is not.  This perky perennial is a true standout due to its beauty and adaptability.

Hailing from Southeast Asia, the Philippine violet boasts beautiful color when placed in full sun or partial shade and surrounded by a thick layer of high-quality mulch and organic matter. It resists most pests and temperatures to 32 degrees in well-drained soils.  Leave plenty of room for your new drought-tolerant selection as it can top out at five feet tall and four feet wide when not regularly trimmed.  Better yet, trim your Philippine violet to the ground each spring so it will stay bushy and compact (who likes a leggy plant?).

We’ve found the Philippine violet to be an excellent addition to our designs when properly placed (it can readily reseed itself). Contact your local, professional landscape company for ideas on how to incorporate this Asian beauty into your garden.

Philippine violet


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