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ArtisTree Landscape

Suppose your homeowner association is reviewing landscape maintenance proposals. ArtisTree Landscape comes in at $3.75 more a month per door – the cost of a caramel flan latte. By skipping a cup once a month, you and your neighbors can apply the $3.75 savings (or $45 a year) to pay for top-drawer service from ArtisTree. In a 50-home community, that represents $2,250 a year/$187.50 a month for all 50 residents. And you thought you couldn’t afford a superbly maintained community. Ask your property manager to contact Mike Casper at Or, schedule a meeting and we’ll bring the lattes.

Ready for a renovation? Choose the landscaper that luxury builders use. Call ArtisTree Landscape at 941.488.8897 to meet with one of our award-winning designers.