Angel’s Trumpet — A June Bloomer in Venice, Florida

Happy Solstice! June 20 is the first full day of summer, and the blooming plants in Venice, Florida, have received the memo. Like the solstitial sun, the yellow blooms of angel’s trumpet are blazing and vibrant in June. If sunny yellow isn’t your color, angel’s trumpet also comes in white, red, peach, pink, purple and orange varieties with varying flower sizes.

Nothing about angel’s trumpet is timid. Its dangling trumpet-like blooms are fragrant and stunningly large — 20 inches long and 14 inches wide at opening. The plant can be grown as a large shrub or small tree, with semi-woody trunks reaching up to ten feet and creating a “chandelier” effect at maturity. Plus, blooms of this South American native have a pleasing lemon-y scent noticeable in the summer evenings, but don’t touch! Its alluring flowers and all other parts are highly toxic to people and animals. You are unlikely to experience ill effects unless it’s ingested, but it is wise to wear gloves when handling angel’s trumpet.

Angel's TrumpetWant to carefully care for an angel’s trumpet of your own? Grow it in part or full sun in well-draining, moist soil, in a frost-free area of your Venice landscape away from any chance of contact with children or pets. If you live in a “cold pocket,” plant your angel’s trumpet in a container and bring it inside on nights where temperatures drop below freezing. Angel’s trumpet has a rapid growth which requires plenty of water and fertilizer to keep it vigorous and blooming. Water thoroughly to keep the soil moist (not soggy), and for a bushier plant and more striking blossoms, trim it back after a heavy flowering.

Give angel’s trumpet a chance and it will quickly become one of your favorite plants. Or, contact an award-winning landscape designer at ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design for a consultation on how to incorporate this summer sensation into your Florida landscape. Call 941.488.8897. Interested in other regional plants, palms and landscape tips for you Southwest Florida landscape? Check out ArtisTree Landscape’s blog here. You’ll find lots to enjoy!

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