European Fan Palms Are a Fan Favorite in Florida

No wonder European fan palms are a fan favorite in Southwest Florida. You can tuck these compact beauties almost anywhere in your landscape and not have to worry about them outgrowing their space. Better yet, the only thing they demand is your admiring glance, which should be easy enough considering their stunning shape and stylish allure.

The first thing you should know about European fan palms is that they’re slow growers, so ArtisTree Landscape recommends you start out with a least a 15-gallon size. Some are green; others are more silvery — but regardless, they’re multi-trunk and can thrive in full sun to full shade, growing up to 8 to 10 feet. No need to amend the soil; these durable palms don’t demand a lot except an occasional pruning to remove dead fronds. And don’t worry about Mother Nature’s cold temps, either. They’ll do just fine, thank you very much — and will even tolerate high drought once established. (They can even withstand an occasional salt spray if you live in a coastal location.)

The only thing European fan palms aren’t too crazy about are high moisture areas. They like to be dry between waterings, so keep that in mind. Plant them three to four feet away from your house; any closer and they can’t fan out. They look great in pairs or as corner accent plants – consider them, too, as a focal point with other drought-tolerant plants. If you want to dress up your pool area with low-maintenance container plants, European fan palms could be your perfect choice for a lush, Mediterranean feel (in fact, they’re also known as Mediterranean fan palms).

Now that you’re most likely a fan of European fan palms, why not call ArtisTree to schedule an appointment with one of our award-winning designers? We’re happy to discuss your needs, whether you live in Sarasota, Manatee or Charlotte counties. Call Jenni Lassen at 941.488.8897, or email us. Now’s the perfect time of year to get your new landscape started.


European fan palms

European fan palms are a stunning addition to Florida landscapes.

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