Protect Your Florida Landscape with Gutters

gutters protect Florida landscapesProtect your Florida landscape with gutters, and you’ll enjoy big benefits lasting throughout your home ownership (plus your pets won’t have to hide under your alocasia plant). In fact, ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design believes so much in the benefits of gutters that we strongly recommend that residents undergoing landscape renovations have gutters and downspouts installed before we even begin a project. What’s the sense in disturbing new plant material, irrigation lines and lighting wires after they’ve been installed?

The argument for a gutter-less home just doesn’t hold water. We’ve seen too many plants destroyed and too much mulch and soil washed away from heavy rains. Look at it this way. Gutters funnel water off the roof and away from a home’s perimeter – helping to protect your foundation and that beautiful new landscape you just spent money on. Studies vary, but in general, one inch of rain on an average-sized residential roof creates about 500 gallons of rainwater runoff. That’s a lot, especially knowing that gutters protect Florida landscapes and are even more effective when paired with an underground drainage system (which ideally should be installed during new home construction to save money and prevent “turf surgery”).

Still, we have a few homeowners throughout Sarasota and Manatee counties who just want to get their new landscaping in before a holiday or family wedding, then worry about the gutters later. But this makes matters even worse. Problems can double, with plants being damaged by both rainwater runoff and the potential disturbance caused by gutter/downspout installation.

Since gutters protect Florida landscapes, you can definitely consider them a sound investment. Think of them as a critical part of your entire landscape drainage arsenal and check your list. Irrigation system? Check. A landscape maintenance company that monitors your irrigation system? Check. Gutters? Check. Once your gutters and landscape are installed, you can entertain outside worry-free. And should you ever decide to sell, those gutters you just put in will be a huge selling point, as evidenced by the beautiful landscaping underneath.

Now that you’re ready for your Florida landscape renovation, why not contact the award-winning design experts at ArtisTree? We’ll be happy to visit your property and discuss your vision.  Call 941.488.8897 and ask for Jenni. Or visit to see our project portfolio.

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