Florida Friendly Gold Sedum Will Spike Up Your Garden

Florida Friendly Gold Sedum finds its niche nearly everywhere – creeping over boulders, spilling down slopes or cascading from coral-colored pots. It’s needle-like but soft. Ground hugging but bright. If you’re looking for a graceful succulent with a spunky attitude, you’ll see it in sedum.

As you might guess, gold sedum’s not fussy about soil type as long as the area drains well (pH range of 6.0-7.5). We recommend adding sand and gravel if you’re planting in the rainy season (too much water can cause root rot). Sure, you’ll want to make sure it’s watered regularly to get established, but after the first couple of months, you can pretty much let nature take its course. Don’t kill it with a bunch of mulch, but if you insist on using it, spread a thin layer. Before you know it, you’ll be looking a lovely limey-gold mat that radiates in full sun or in a surprising low amount of filtered shade. Prune or pinch off as needed to keep it thick and lush, and to also to keep it in the boundaries you planted.

Come Spring, your gold sedum will start to bloom, attracting butterflies and bees from miles around. Flowers are star-shaped and a bit hard to see against the yellow foliage, but they’re there. Oh, this perennial is deer resistant, too. A nice choice all the way around.

See what we mean about gold sedum? So many varieties to choose from, but for a low-maintenance, textural groundcover in zones 3 to 11, you can’t beat Florida Friendly Gold Sedum – especially when paired with copperleaf, ornamental grasses, other sedums in a tabletop garden — or to even pull in matching color from nearby Gold Mound shrubs. If you’re looking for something small that will make a big impact in your southwest Florida landscape, call Jenni Lassen at ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design. She’ll be happy to get your renovation started with one of our award-winning designers. 941.488.8897; artistree.com.

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