Orange Geiger A Splendid Coastal Tree for Florida Beachfront Homes

Orange Geiger is a splendid coastal tree for Florida beachfront homes misted with sea spray. Sarasota and Venice residents have a crush on this orange beauty for a variety of reasons, as do the designers at Venice-based ArtisTree Landscape. Here’s why.

For starters, let’s talk about those deep-orange crinkly blossoms that look like crepe paper. This is a “look at me” tree that shines from afar, blooming year round but especially so in Florida’s spring and summer seasons. A word of advice: If you’re looking for a Florida coastal tree with no frills, forget the Geiger. It has orange frothy frills everywhere.

Orange geigers grow up to 25 feet or so with dense, shrubby foliage known for its compact, horizontal spread (up to 20 feet wide). We like a strong simple trunk but you can buy multi-trunk specimens, too. You’ll find they bloom in orange, yellow or white, although the hummingbirds prefer the orange ones on their menu.

These smallish trees love sun, hate cold and do well in sandy, alkaline soil – a perfect salt-tolerant, coastal tree choice for Florida beach homes. No need to amend the soil either. Sure, we’ll classify them as low maintenance, as long as you plant them in a frost-free area protected from winter gusts. (Even though they’re evergreen, they may drop a few leaves if temps get under 40 degrees). Once established, orange geigers are drought tolerant, too – even better news.

Some homeowners boast they never have to fertilize their orange geigers, although a good-quality granular three times a year won’t hurt. And just to maintain its size, you’ll want to cut yours back in late March or early April. Otherwise, you can trim it lightly anytime to keep its tight, shrubby look.

Would an Orange Geiger (or two or three or four) look grand at your beachfront residence? Could be, especially if illuminated during sunsets. Find out more about this coastal dazzler by calling one of ArtisTree’s award-winning designers. We’ll walk your property, listen to your vision and present you with a thoughtful, thorough plan to enhance the beauty and value of your home. Contact Jenni Lassen at or 941.488.8897. The track record on this specimen is excellent, as its interesting history. Enjoy!

Orange Geiger

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