Reduce Your Stress with a Florida-Style Landscape in Two Easy Steps

Reduce your stress with a Florida-style landscape and improve your property value at the same time in two easy steps. First, if you don’t live in Florida, move here. You’ll wonder why you didn’t hightail it our exotic paradise sooner. Next, get some professional help, as in consulting with a professional landscape designer. Your worry-free outdoor lifestyle will require much more than a trip to the local home improvement store (a fact many new Florida residents know from painful experience). Our state’s vegetation may look lush and wild and easy to maintain, but it takes special finesse and plant knowledge to achieve an artful look. Find yourself a good landscape designer and before you know it, you’ll be kicking back to admire your beautiful new surroundings with a chilled, minty mojito.

So let’s talk mindset first. You’ll be most successful if you approach landscaping as an art. While traditional artists have used nature to inspire their work for hundreds of years, landscape designers spend every day trying to replicate nature. Andrew Jackson Downing, considered to be the father of American landscape architecture, believed that our physical and mental health required having a personal relationship to the natural world around us. 

ArtisTree Landscape fosters this same belief with every work of art we install, which means we’ll sit down together for a “think outside the bag of mulch” conversation. What colors do you like? How will you be using your Florida-style landscape?  Are you dreaming of a formal courtyard or a breezy getaway garden?

If your landscape designer races through these questions at your initial consultation, find another. After all, creating a calming outdoor environment to reduce your stress requires adhering to our industry’s “right plant, right place” theory. We’re serious when we say that under every leaf, science is whispering in your ear. If a plant or tree is placed in the wrong location in relation to the sun, it can cause all kinds of issues leading to pests, disease and death. Poor choices in growth characteristics can also be a problem. If you’ve requested a low-maintenance landscape but needy, fast-growing plants are installed, be ready to deal with unpleasant cost and labor issues.  Soil conditions, drought tolerance and fertility requirements are also crucial factors to consider when selecting the right specimens for your garden.

Done right, your Florida-style landscape should excite your senses in unexpected ways every time you step outside. Remember: The sights, sounds and fragrances of a picturesque, healthy garden go a long way toward relieving stress – not to mention improving your property value immediately.

So go for it. Wish your Florida landscape looked more like those tropical destinations you visit every year? Miss your Northern digs and yearn for evergreens? Or maybe you want your home to look like it sprouted from a secluded island. Then relax. If you live in Sarasota, Manatee or Charlotte counties, schedule a consultation with an award-winning ArtisTree designer by calling 941.488.8897, or visit Don’t wait; your stress-free world is waiting for you.


Florida-style landscape

Reduce your stress with a Florida-style landscape.

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