ArtisTree Thanks Sarasota Manatee for First-Place Finishes

ArtisTree Thanks Sarasota Manatee

ArtisTree thanks Sarasota Manatee county residents for three first-place finishes in the Herald-Tribune’s annual Readers’ Choice Awards.

Called “the readers’ poll that distinguishes fine products and services,” this year’s special Readers’ Choice recognized ArtisTree as the top landscaper in Sarasota, Manatee and Venice.

Inviting readers to “landscape away,” the Herald-Tribune’s special awards section noted the importance of selecting an expert landscape company to improve a home’s curb appeal. In ArtisTree’s case, our seasoned maintenance professionals know what Manatee and Sarasota county residents living in HOA communities expect: the fulfillment of contractual services. But we take that several steps further by delivering results with reliability, consistency, and most of all, doing the right thing in all situations. No one matches our willingness to accept responsibility for every service we deliver.

ArtisTree thanks Sarasota Manatee

That means that if your HOA board decides that it’s time to see what “the ArtisTree touch” is all about, you can count on certain things to happen. You will have one dedicated AE who will supervise all aspects of your property maintenance. You will have the very best irrigation professionals in the area, bar none. And you will also be working with a company voted as “2019 Best Landscaping Company” by Herald-Tribune readers for another consecutive year (ArtisTree thanks Sarasota Manatee!). Simply put, we’re local, ethical, independent, civic-minded and quality-driven.

Not bad for a company that grew from a four-man mow crew in 1990 to a $19.7-million, nationally ranked company in 2019. Next year ArtisTree will be celebrating its 30th anniversary of providing landscape maintenance and design services to Sarasota, Venice and Charlotte counties. Not sure where the years went, but today, as a 250-plus employee family, we’re extremely proud of our local roots, and ArtisTree thanks Sarasota Manatee for the privilege to serve their communities — and soon, hopefully yours. To get your maintenance proposal started, contact Mike Casper at 941.488.8897 or

Our award-winning landscape designers also do complete renovations for HOAs and individual homeowners as well. Choose the landscaper that luxury builders use by contacting Jenni Lassen at 941.488.8897 or


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