Florida Golden Dewdrops Attract Butterflies Year Round

Golden dewdrop growing in FloridaFlorida golden dewdrops attract butterflies with frilly flowers that spritz like a bubbling park fountain. But we already know what you’re wondering. Why are golden dewdrops purple? Well, if you look closely, you’ll see golden berry clusters all over the place. But their huge appeal doesn’t stop there.

These woody evergreens can be maintained as shrubs or trees depending on the look you want. Prefer a formal appearance? Consider taming your Florida golden dewdrop with regular trimming and shaping. For a walk on the wild side, trim just the berry clusters and branch tips once berries have run their cycle. Your golden dewdrop will reward you with weeping branches that have a distinctive, nonchalant attitude, and will bloom for you throughout the year.

Butterflies love golden dewdropsWhere should you plant these dazzlers? You can design a special bed for them (spectacular!) or mix them with other specimens (we love them with dwarf allamanda and ixora). They’ll grow in part shade, but they prefer sun to show off their blooms. We promise: When a dewdrop blooms, you’ll be in butterfly nirvana. Purple frothy flowers, adoring butterflies, glowing green leaves — what’s not to like? If you could pick just one plant to grace a Florida fairy tale, the golden dewdrop would be it.

Now on to their care. Even though these lovelies have “dewdrop” in their name, you’ll need to water them on a regular basis. Fertilize three times a year, allow them plenty of space to grow, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t plant your Florida golden dewdrops sooner. Their clinging berries make them a good snowbird plant, too (no berry messes to worry with). They do contain toxins, so keep that in mind if you have outdoor pets.

Golden dewdrop treeReady to do some dewdrops? If you live in Sarasota, Manatee or Charlotte counties, call ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance and Design at 941.488.8897 and ask for Jenni. She’ll schedule an appointment for you with one of our award-winning designers. Or, if you’re not quite ready to do your dewdrops, you can at least visit artistree.com for some inspiration.

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