Emerald Blanket Carissa a top groundcover shrub in Florida

Emerald Blanket Carissa is a sparkling groundcover choice for Southwest Florida residents because, well, you can cover a lot of ground with it.

For starters, its deep-green leaves look lovely next to colorful annuals such as Purslane or Blue Daze. And there’s nothing prettier than seeing a rich swath of Emerald Blanket wind around boulders or dot a bed of Brown River Rock cradling succulents.

Since Emerald Blanket is a dwarf cultivar of Carissa, you won’t have to worry about it throwing shade on nearby plants. It just does its thing, spreading slowly at about 1.5 feet tall, unlike its big siblings Natal Plum and Boxwood Beauty.

Emerald Blanket Carissa

Emerald Blanket doesn’t ask for much, either. These beauties are drought-tolerant once established and thrive in full to part sun. They’re salt tolerant and suitable for xeriscaping, too. Other than that, they’re content being fertilized just three times a year with granular fertilizer and happiest if you let them dry out between waterings. You can skip the haircuts. They’ll endure an occasional shaping only if you insist.

Where and how to install? Plant in well-drained soil a couple of feet apart. You’ll have “instant” groundcover vs. waiting on vine-type groundcovers to spread. Imagine it around a pool area, along a drive, on a seawall, or circling a gazebo. Stunning!

For a hardy but elegant shrub groundcover, Emerald Blanket Carissa is hard to beat. Get your landscape project off the ground by calling ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design at 941.488.8897. We’ll get you scheduled with one of our award-winning landscape designers. In fact, we welcome you to check out all of ArtisTree’s landscape design and HOA-maintenance services. We’re the only non-franchised, local landscape company that’s nationally ranked in Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties.

Emerald Blanket Carissa
Emerald Blanket Carissa lining this custom-installed golf green almost steals the show.

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