Lanai Landscaping in Sarasota: Think Outside the Pool Cage

Lanai and pool landscaping with pygmy palms and foxtail fern

Lanai landscaping looks easy enough, doesn’t it? You plant pretty things inside your pool cage and then plant more outside for extra beauty and privacy. All looks great, so you start hosting pool parties. But months later your lanai looks like it’s taken a dive. What’s up?

It’s the most common mistake Florida homeowners make — forgetting that plants grow and make messes. The blossoms of those flowers you planted are falling into the pool. Hibiscus is staining the deck. Palm fronds are jammed against the screening. Seed pods are spilling everywhere. Your lanai might as well be another room you have to keep clean every week!

Relax. Grab a cold drink, sit down on your chaise lounge and let’s make a list. Unless you enjoy keeping nippers and a broom pan on your umbrella table, here are some easy tips for easy-care lanai landscaping.

Slow Is the Way to Go

Larger specimens like palms will eventually outgrow their space, so plant slow growers you can enjoy for a while. Better yet, select ones that don’t grow too fast in the first place and prune as needed.

Give Lanai Landscaping Plants Their Space

We’ll just say two things about installing plants too close to lanai screens. First, screens damaged by plants that have the audacity to grow are expensive to replace or repair. Second, have you ever tried to prune shrubs that butt right up against a lanai screen, or weed around them? Allow for growing room.

Select “Clean” Plants

What do crotons, ti plants, variegated arboricola and dracaenas have in common? They’re “clean” plants that add striking color without the mess of blossoms to sweep up. All thrills, no spills. Lots of choices out there, so have fun exploring.

Beautiful private lanai landscaping in Sarasota

Don’t Group Plants that Have Different Needs

You wouldn’t bake a soufflé and lasagna at the same temp for the same length of time. Similarly, you wouldn’t plant moisture-loving annuals with desert rose. Planting specimens with the same growth requirements will help prevent messy, costly plant replacement.

Inspired? If all this makes you want to start your own lanai landscaping project, call ArtisTree Landscape and ask for one of our award-winning designers. We serve Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties and would be delighted to draw up plans for a customized design (including lighting) as part of your total landscape package. Contact Jenni Lassen at 941.488.8897 or

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