Wrong Landscape Maintenance Company Can Cause Domino Effect

Low bids cause domino effect

“Wrong landscape maintenance company,” the landscape chair thought, watching crews race through the yards and whacking hedges. His HOA community had directed him to find a low-priced provider, but they wanted a high-quality product as well. The landscape chair eventually got his price, suspecting a few minor corners might be cut. It was just grass and hedges, after all. But he unwittingly caused a domino effect.

First domino down

His first miscalculation overlooked a basic fact. Awarding a maintenance contract to the lowest bidder often forces contractors to hire the cheapest labor. And cheap labor almost always means employing individuals with little experience or no training. 

Second domino down

Another mistake was assuming that the contractor would maintain his trucks and equipment. They’re the tools of his trade and livelihood, right? But in order to stretch a dollar and squeeze more hours in the day, this particular contractor decided to make do with what he had. Stretched-thin crews cut with dull blades. Trucks leaked oil on driveways.

Third domino down

The landscape chair’s third mistake was not realizing that well-managed lawns can save homeowners money in the long run. Plants live longer and resist pest issues better. But in this scenario, inexperienced labor and poorly maintained equipment wrecked all that in just a few mow passes.

“Yes, wrong landscape maintenance company,” he thought to himself. But truth is, the initial action that pushed the dominos down was guided by price.

wrong landscape maintenance company

So know what to look for when hiring a landscape maintenance company?  There’s plenty of criteria to help guide you. For instance, did you know that in Florida, landscape maintenance professionals must meet minimum qualifications? Read these tips and you won’t have deal with a bunch of moving pieces. You’ll have good advice in hand at the very start of your selection process — advice that focuses on overall value, not just price.

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