Florida Firecracker Plants Explode with Color

Florida firecracker plants add a spectacular display of brilliant color to almost landscape, but a word of advice. You don’t tell them what to do; they tell you.

Florida firecracker plant

That’s because these fiery specimens have minds of their own, spilling this way and that with fountain-like red blooms that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. If you want a little shrub that’s shaped all nice and neat, run the other way. Things could get messy fast. Florida firecracker plants can spread up to six feet wide, which makes them the “boss plant” when placed near smaller ones. But they look absolutely stunning paired with tall palms or upright shrubs

All this said, you don’t have to worry that they’ll grow too wild on you or invade your Florida landscape. You can easily keep yours about three- to four-feet tall and revel in their sparkling waterfalls of red tubular flowers. Sure, you can trim long or cold-damaged shoots, but forget the hard pruning. Your firecrackers will fizzle.

Caring for your firecracker plant

Plant in full sun for bright flowers throughout year; they’ll bloom most prolifically in warmer months, though. A little bit of shade is OK, but they won’t pop nearly as much. Fertilize three times a year and be sure to water regularly. Florida firecracker plants like to stay hydrated.

So where should you set off your firecracker display? Where there’s plenty of room. Try these salt-tolerant shrubs at the end of a garden bed or as a stand-alone specimen. If you want to soften a formal landscape, these brilliant beauties will produce an instant cottage-like feel.

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