Shady Lady Black Olive Trees Add Zen to Florida Landscapes

Shady Lady Black Olive trees are so Zen. Their lush, Oriental-style layers will calm you. And their wide-spreading canopies will cool you. If you add a Shady Lady or two to your Florida landscape, sitting in their shade will be the most tranquil part of your day.

Shady Lady Black Olive Tree

Like a giant bonsai in your landscape

These exquisite evergreens are a bit scraggly when young, but you can excuse them for that. They’re busy working on their balancing act — growing a layer here, a layer there. All that zigzagging pays off, though. Before you know it, you’re looking at a giant bonsai-like tree with layered tiers of horizontal branches. During these growth stages, the branches will round off, producing a pleasantly puffy green crown with tiny beige flowers popping out in the spring. Just don’t expect any olives. They’re not real olive trees.

Shady Lady Black Olive

Plant your Shady Lady in full to part sun, and be sure to wear gloves to avoid getting pricked by its small spines. Roots aren’t a problem, so you can plant six feet out from a walkway. But if you’re planting by your house, go 15 feet out so the canopy will have clear space to grow. Live in a coastal residence? No problem. These moderate growers are extremely salt-tolerant.

Shady Lady Black Olive

Shady Lady Black Olive trees can get messy, so if you want to install by a pool deck, driveway or walkway, be prepared for leaf drop. Still, the dense leaves are super tiny and won’t produce leaf litter per se. Also, keep an eye on the lower branches, as you’ll need to trim to allow space for foot traffic or vehicles (but only as the tree matures). Don’t even bother planting anything under the tree when it’s young. Keep grass away from the trunk, too.

We prefer to specify Shady Lady trees for areas where leaf drop is not a concern. Reaching 30 feet in height, they’re a perfect choice for a moderate size or larger yard. Single specimens are stunning, as are stately rows. They’re cold sensitive and can be damaged if temps reach 32 degrees.

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If you need some Zen in your life, stay calm and carry on with a Shady Lady Black Olive tree in your Florida landscape. ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design can assist you with a full renovation created by one of our award-winning designers. Need time to meditate on it? That’s fine. Contact Jenni Lassen at 941.488.8897 when you’re ready. We’ll be happy to get you on our schedule and create a tranquil space you’ll love.

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