Bleeding Heart Vine a Florida Sweetheart

Bleeding Heart Vine might look fragile and delicate, but wait ‘til you see it twist up a trellis. This Florida climber can hold its own against the more well-known allamanda, bougainvillea and Rangoon creeper twining through Southwest Florida, and here’s why.

Bleeding Heart Vine

For starters, Bleeding Heart Vine is frilly but fierce. Slender tendrils aren’t shy about grabbing on to arbors, lattices or pergolas for support. They’re hardier than most clerodendrums and can make it through cold weather (but do best in wind-protected areas). Plus, they’re pest-resistant and drought-tolerant, making this evergreen vine a great low-maintenance choice.

You’ll want to plant your Bleeding Heart Vine in bright, daylong shade or morning sun and afternoon shade. Space three feet apart and keep them at least five feet away from shrubs and trees. Fertilize in spring, summer and fall. While this specimen grows with great gusto, it’s not invasive or anything like that. Still, you’ll need to keep it in shape with occasional minor trimming. Give it a hard pruning in early spring and again in the fall if needed. That way it’ll look its frothy best. Water regularly but don’t overdo.

Bleeding Heart Vine

Palette-wise, you’ve got some options: white bracts with tiny scarlet flowers, or blooms that fade to pink and lavender. By the way, you can always allow some of the vines to spill on the ground for an extra-luxurious look. But keep an eye on ‘em.

Bleeding Heart Vine sure is a sweetheart of a deal when you consider its low-maintenance, perpetual beauty. Maybe there’s a place for it in your Florida landscape.

Bleeding Heart Vine ArtisTree Landscape

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