Starburst Clerodendrum Stars as a Shrub or Tree

Starburst Clerodendrum dazzles with star-like flowers that burst open in Florida’s late winter or early spring. What’s remarkable about this eye-catching specimen (also known as a Shooting Star Clerodendrum) is that you can have it both ways – growing it as cluster-packed showy shrub or as a tree loaded with charm.

Starburst Clerodendrum

But we can assure you that this isn’t a plant that falls in the “Only Looks Good in Spring” category. Its foliage will continue to delight throughout summer and fall, with purple-tinged green leaves that are a darker, glossier purple underneath. The leaves might lose a tad of their luster in late winter, but come spring you’ll be in for a real flower show.

And of course that’s what hummingbirds and butterflies like most about Starburst Clerodendrum. Sweet nectar is produced by tubular flowers that are the most breathtaking pink you’d ever want to see, with tips that look like they’ve been dipped in whipped cream.

ArtisTree Starburst Clerodendrum

Where to plant? Your Starburst Clerodendrum will bloom best in full sun, but even dappled sunlight will encourage its growth. We’ve seen them form dense canopies in full sun or grow more widely spread branches in shaded spots. Regardless, they like moist, well-drained soil at first, then will grow to be more drought tolerant.

Trimming is up to you, although we’ll cringe if you try to shape it as tight hedge. If you feel the need to tame it here and there, prune only after the flowers have stopped blooming. Starburst Clerodendrum is a member of the mint family and is also has a wild sibling known as Bleeding Heart Vine.

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