Gray Leaf Spot Can Be Managed If You Know What to Spot

St. Augustine Grass Gray Leaf Spot
St. Augustine Grass Gray Leaf Spot

Gray Leaf Spot in St. Augustine grass won’t put you in a bad spot if your lawn is established and well managed. Sure, this fungal disease might appear to be a chronic problem after prolonged rainy periods typically associated with southwestern Florida. But generally, it’s not permanently damaging. Here are signs that ArtisTree looks for during Florida’s rainy season. Keep in mind that St. Augustine (which is used in most southwestern Florida HOA garden and landscape designs) is the only warm-season turfgrass affected by this disease:

  • Oblong spot with gray spore formation
  • Olive-green to brown spots with dark brown border (when spores aren’t present)
  • Overall slower blade growth and stressed appearance
  • Yellowing turf or areas that look dry during periods of heavy rain

Monitoring turf conditions is key

Turf areas with improved light levels and air circulation are less likely to develop Gray Leaf Spot (think less shade trees). However, no St. Augustine cultivar is immune, although some are less susceptible than others. ArtisTree monitors all turf conditions and manages this disease by applying fungicide to product specifications when needed.

St. Augustine grass Gray Leaf Spot
St. Augustine Grass Gray Leaf Spot

If your community does not provide landscaping design and services, seek the services of a professional landscaping and design company for the best results. Otherwise, if you have the equipment and knowledge to apply fungicide yourself, you can purchase product at a local garden center. Not all fungicides are recommended for residential lawns, so be sure to read the label closely.

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