Monstera Philodendrons a Monster Hit in Sarasota Landscapes

Monstera philodendrons are perfect for those wanting to Tarzan-up their southwestern Florida landscapes. Just place this exotic tropical flora in a shady space, and you’ll soon have your own little jungle landscape to enjoy as wild or tame as you want it to be.

Monstera philodendron
Monstera philodendrons encircle a stunning Queen Emma Crinum Lily at this Sarasota residence.

Why the name? Monsteras have monstrously big leaves — huge, heart-shaped paddles spanning up to two-feet wide. They are marked with big holes or splits, hence their nickname “Swiss Cheese Plant.” Variegated or a rich deep green, these breathtaking beauties will transform your Florida landscape into a lush botanical garden, especially paired with other specimens that thrive in our tropical southwestern Florida climate.

Marked with leaf holes, the Monstera Philodendron is also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant.

Plant Care

Monsteras adapt to most well-drained soils, even sandy types. Just make sure you don’t overwater or else you’ll be dealing with root rot and vine decline. To prevent leaf scorching and produce a more aesthetically deep green color in our tropical climate, plant in light shade or filtered sunlight.

Monsteras will attach to tree trunks with air roots that grow back to the ground, with some varieties growing up to a monster 70 feet tall! Cutting back occasionally to maintain their size is absolutely necessary for this fast-growing broadleaf vine. Be careful when mowing or using a weed eater since stem damage will weaken the vine. In fact, it’s best to maintain a grass-free area around the vine stems.

Important: Monstera philodendrons contain calcium oxalate, which makes them toxic to humans and pets. Every part of the plant is poisonous except for the edible fruit of Monstera deliciosa. Be sure to consider this when speaking with your professional landscape designer.

Monstera philodendron
Monstera philodendrons do best near non-grassy areas where mowing/trimming won’t cause stem or vine damage.

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