Ligustrum Trees Provide Florida Homeowners Everything and Then Some

Ligustrum trees in Florida are as close to the complete package as you can get. These shapable, adaptable evergreens are suitable for almost any landscape design and require minimal care. In fact, the versatile ligustrum would be better named The Everything Tree with all it’s got going for it.

Ligustrum trees
Florida ligustrum trees in Sarasota and Venice boast stunning trunk structures.

But let’s address their natural shrub formation first. Some Florida homeowners, especially those in developed areas like Sarasota, want a nice privacy hedge and will choose ligustrums for their fast growth and dense foliage. But plant them as ornamental trees and you’ll see an incredible transformation. That’s because their multi-trunk structures are intrinsic to their signature look. The trunks wind and curve, and when bare-pruned, resemble a giant bonsai. (You can buy standard ligustrums with single, straight trunks, but they’re difficult to find since they take longer to train.)

Casual or manicured?

The ligustrum’s crowning achievement is its crown of shiny deep-green leaves – and that part is all up to you. If you want a small casual shade tree, you can let the foliage grow naturally. Prefer a more manicured look? Grow as a formal ornamental with a neat rounded top. Come springtime, the emerald-colored leaves will be dotted with pretty white flowers that smell good to some people and not so good to others.

Ligustrum trees
Florida ligustrum trees also grace homes in Wellen Park.

As your ligustrum trees mature, remember that they shape themselves, growing almost as wide as they do tall. In fact, they’re one of the rare trees that can be top-pruned to control height. Be sure to give them plenty of space. These fast-growing sun lovers will grow up to about 16 feet and should ideally be planted eight feet away from structures. Otherwise, four- to six-feet away from a walk or driveway ought to do it.

Ligustrum trees require minimal care.

Finally, one more benefit resides in this complete-package tree, and that’s the minimal care it requires. Once established in well-drained soil, fertilize in spring, summer and fall with a quality granular. Don’t worry too much about watering unless you’re in a prolonged drought or want to give it an extra jump start in the spring. Just be careful to not overdo it. Overwatering is a common problem.

Ligustrum trees
This manicured ligustrum tree serves as a stunning focal point for this Florida residence.

As specimen trees, ligustrums look stunning paired with groundcover or plantings surrounding their base. Boulders are a good choice, too. Can’t decide? Browse ArtisTree’s portfolio; then contact Jenni Lassen at 941.488.8897 to meet with one of our award-winning designers.

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