White Plantings in Florida Landscapes

White plantings in Florida landscapes don’t always get the credit they deserve, primarily because they’re eclipsed by tropical colors of lemony yellows and brilliant oranges. But white plantings also deserve their day in the sun for the way they fit into almost any landscape. Here are some ArtisTree Tips to get you started in the ‘white’ direction.

The Fragrant Gardenias is a white planting used as borders or hedges.

Fragrant Gardenias

These fragrant evergreen shrubs do best in rich, well-drained soil and need plenty of circulation to help with pest prevention. You can plant them in full sun or a lightly shaded location. Either way, be prepared to pamper a bit to prevent leaf drop by keeping properly prepped soil consistently moist, and you’ll soon be graced with creamy white flowers that bloom profusely in spring and early summer, less so in cooler weather. ArtisTree Tip: Consider using as borders, hedges or landscape accents.

Frothy Crape Myrtles

We see crape myrtles everywhere in pinks and lavenders, but the white ones are just as attention-getting. Heat- and drought-tolerant, they bloom prolifically May to early summer under Florida’s full sun. But come winter when their leaves fall, you’ll have yourself a nice living sculpture to enjoy thanks to their multi-branching habit. ArtisTree Tip: We like crape myrtles planted as shrub borders or as flowering specimen trees. They’re ideal near walkways and patios, too.

Sweet Alyssum white plantings are ideal for flowering ground cover.

Sweet Alyssum

Dense clusters of tiny snow-white flowers make this honey-scented annual an excellent choice for Florida’s cooler weather. Sweet Alyssum isn’t picky – partial sun or shade will do as long as the soil is well-drained, moist, and organic. It spreads to 12 inches wide and up to 10 inches tall. Although it’s a perennial, some homeowners view it as an annual because it gets a bit scraggly by the second year. We urge you to make the white choice even though other colors are available. ArtisTree Tip: These dense clusters are great as edging around boulders or as a flowering groundcover.

Star Jasmine

You can’t go wrong with this fragrant, easy-care shrub because it grows anywhere as though it’s eager to please. Starry white flowers shine against glossy, emerald-green leaves. Just plant in the sun or shade and watch it grow. Star jasmines are usually kept at about four feet tall and don’t mind “wet feet.” ArtisTree Tip: Plant to grace to a wall, line a fence, fill a planter box or serve as an understory shrub. They’re just one of those plants that fits in almost anywhere.

White Fountain Grass plantings are ideal around a large specimen plant.

White Fountain Grass

The gently arching foliage of this ornamental grass is a sight to see in the sunlight. We like its fine, delicate texture and how it blooms off and on throughout the year. Wispy white plumes reach a height of four to five feet; plant in full to part sun and just let it do its thing. Yes, it can reseed and spread, but it’s easy to control and cold hardy (cut back in the spring). ArtisTree Tip: White fountain grass looks gorgeous around a large specimen plant, in front of tall hedge plants, or as a stunning backdrop. Makes a nice privacy screen around pool cages as well.

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