Windmill Palms Blow Sarasota HOA Communities Away

Windmill palms
Poolside entertaining is light and breezy with a windmill palm.

Windmill palms are literally a neat choice for Sarasota homeowner associations. Their tidy, compact structure makes them perfect for residential properties or HOA common areas where visibility is important. They’re also a breeze to maintain.

Easy care with no fuss, no muss

Also known as Trachycarpus fortunei, windmill palms are slow growers. Small specimens will keep their size at 10 to 20 feet for several years, with mature ones rarely growing above 25 feet. Straight trunks are nice and narrow, and when you step back, they look like they’ve been wrapped in burlap.  Fronds are 1.5 to 3 feet wide with a total spread of only 6 to 10 feet. Fruits and flowers don’t pose a litter issue, which means you have a wider choice of placement options.

windmill palms
A single windmill palm graces this HOA residence in Sarasota.

Where to plant your windmill palms

Because they’re so clean and orderly, you can install your windmill palms in almost any snug area you can think of. Along sidewalks. Near courtyards. By a front entry. Or fringing a lanai. You can use them as an accent cluster or as a single specimen. Think refined. Think confined. The windmill palm is a nice elegant specimen that thrives in tight spaces.

You can maintain windmill palms at different heights for nice visual interest.

Optimum growing conditions

Windmill palms don’t ask for much — just some partial shade and fertile soil. They’re extremely cold tolerant (down to 10°F), and once established, tolerate drought conditions as well. Live in a coastal neighborhood? Moderate winds and salt spray aren’t typically a problem, either.

Next time your Sarasota HOA landscape committee wants to replant your common areas, ask your landscaper if windmill palms would be a good fit. Individual homeowners might also like one or two for their own residences!

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