Florida Thatch Palms Match Sarasota’s Coastal Vibe

Florida thatch palms create an instant beachy feel with their soft windswept look. Because of their small stature and slim trunks, they’re a perfect tropical choice for small spaces.

Florida thatch palms
A Florida thatch palm adds coastal flair to this Bird Key residence in Sarasota.

Also known as Thrinax radiata, this hardy Florida native reaches up to 20 feet and will give you a big bang for your buck, says ArtisTree Landscape Designer Elisabeth Owens.

“They’re small, slow growers that make a big impression,” said Owens. “I’ve installed them as singles and triples, and either way, they’re not overwhelming or messy. And since they’re Florida natives, they’re not needy, either. Just plant in sandy soil and don’t worry about buying fertilizer. They’ll do fine on their own.”

Florida thatch palms fit nicely under other palm species to soften this pool area.

Florida thatch palms thrive in sun or shade and are drought-tolerant once established (just be sure not to plant in wet areas or heavy soil). You’ll have to prune off their dead fronds every now and then since they’re not self-cleaning, but that’s about it. Birds will love their fall fruit.

Be sure to pair your thatch palms with other plants that prefer dry conditions such as Desert Rose or Crown of Thorns.

Where to plant? Because they’re salt-tolerant, thatch palms are popular on beachfront properties (but you’ll see plenty inland as well). Their small form and slim trunks mean you can match the thatch with almost anything: a small garden bed, courtyard, entryway, driveway, pool-cage planter or large canopy tree. From anchor plant to screening wall, this versatile specimen is the low-maintenance palm you’ve been searching for.

Wish you had a good checklist to make your Sarasota landscape project go smoothly? This one created by ArtisTree Landscape Designer Clinton Lak may be the best one you’ve ever seen.

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