Florida pathways are only as pretty as what you plant.

Florida pathways installed on residential landscapes aren’t just about putting down some rock or brick pavers. Instead, think “living pathways” that are experiences in themselves. Practical but pretty pathways can become the most prized part of your landscape if you remember one rule above all: Marry your pathway to what you plant.

Florida pathways
Brightly colored crotons, bougainvillea and palms transform this Sarasota pathway.

Marry your pathway to what you plant.

Most homeowners who meet with Florida’s ArtisTree Landscape & Maintenance & Design tend to focus on how a path will get them from Point A to Point B. “We want a path that leads to our lanai,” they’ll say, thinking that this particular part of their design plan is now complete. But when they see that the journey can be just as delightful as the destination, they’re eager to explore all their planting options.

Florida pathways
A dream pathway complete with magnificent magnolias and a stunning triple date palm.

Don’t walk away from dressing up your pathways.

You can dress up even the most boring, sidewalk-styled pathway with lush tropical plantings. Be sure to consider plant height and width to accommodate your daily gazing. Bordering your plain concrete pathway with brown river rock or other stones before you plant can add instant upscale appeal.

Florida pathways require a loving touch.

For the most part, you can easily maintain a pathway’s hard surface area. But surrounding plants are a different story. Pay close attention to their foliage since they can be burnt by reflected heat from pavers and other hard surfaces. Make sure you have access to your plants for maintenance – whether it be watering, trimming or fertilization.

Florida pathways
A request for garden hose access resulted in this unexpected magical pathway.
Florida pathways
A dull concrete pathway upgraded with brown river rock and container plants.

Not all pathways are intended for heavy traffic.

If you envision your Florida pathway becoming a daily route for frequent visitors, plan accordingly. No one’s going to like being pricked by the pointy tips of an agave plant as they stroll by. And your delicate Sweet Alyssum plants won’t be too happy, either, if trampled by the delivery guy.

Florida pathways
For a quiet secluded look: tall Areca palms and Philodendron Xanadu.

You’ll be glad your path crossed with ArtisTree.

Who says Florida pathways can’t be filled with magic and intrigue? The key point is to stop thinking of your hardscapes and plant materials as two separate elements. Visit with one of ArtisTree’s award-winning designers so they can put you on the right path. Contact Jenni Lassen at 941.488.8897 or jennil@artistree.com. ArtisTree proudly serves Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties.

ArtisTree Landscape

ArtisTree also provides landscape maintenance services for HOA communities . Contact Michael Casper at 941.488.8897 for your proposal. Our services include irrigation/water management, turf/ornamental maintenance, mulching and seasonal color.  

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