HOA irrigation systems: Consider the source.

HOA irrigation systems

HOA irrigation systems all have one thing in common. They’re only as good as their water supply source. If the source isn’t functioning as it should be, then plants and turf will be affected despite the best efforts of any landscape maintenance provider. Moreover, companies like ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design aren’t even contracted to maintain water sources or pump systems, nor do they have any control over them. ArtisTree’s advice? Consider the source.

HOA irrigation systems: A true story.

A homeowner in one of ArtisTree’s maintained communities, frustrated with how the grass in her neighborhood looked dry and brown, blamed malfunctioning sprinklers. She said irrigation techs weren’t doing their job, that our company prioritized profit over quality service.

What she may not have known is that her HOA’s property management company had sent out a communication to all residents addressing the community’s water supply issues. It explained that ArtisTree was not responsible for the current irrigation issues because the community had a water source problem. ArtisTree, they explained, didn’t maintain their water source or pump system; they only maintained the sprinklers at each residence.

Trying to make things right.

Fortunately, the community had reached out to the developer, who had an injection system installed at the irrigation pump system in an effort to improve the water quality and keep the irrigation system clean. Unfortunately, the pump motor for the injection system failed and wasn’t performing as it should have been. The developer who had the new system installed tried to do the right thing, but the vendor’s equipment failed.

HOA irrigation systems

How did the story end?

The pump motor was finally repaired but required ArtisTree crews to spend hours clearing out the buildup that occurred from the system outage. The system only prevented buildup when it was running. But since it wasn’t running, debris, algae and snail shells grew in the irrigation lines, valves and spray heads, causing reoccurring malfunctions. Since then, ArtisTree crews have worked tirelessly to unclog the debris as best we can, going methodically to each home to keep debris cleared. And the homeowner removed her negative Google review.

HOA irrigation systems: Moral of the story

An adequate water supply is the heart of any irrigation system. Review your landscape company’s maintenance contract and know exactly what services are provided and which ones aren’t. Check with your property management company (chances are they’ve already reached out to you). If you have a water pump issue, it’s highly likely they’re addressing it while irrigation techs are working to mitigate the buildup at each home. Most of all, understand that the only true solution is having a water supply source that remains functioning.

And we haven’t even addressed how droughts ratchet up demands for irrigation systems to do Mother Nature’s job. But that’s a subject for another (rainy) day.

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