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Brunfelsia shrub

Brunfelsia shrub: A beautiful tongue twister

Brunfelsia pauciflora ‘Floribunda’ -- say that three times! Nicknamed “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” the brunfelsia shrub blooms profusely with pansy-like, fragrant flowers in Southwest Florida landscapes until the end of summer. Native to Brazilian woodlands, it burgeons a deep violet, turns to lavender and then white all in three days;…

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Pineapple guava flower

Florida’s Pineapple Guava: Unfussy & Sublime

ArtisTree’s award-winning designers are always hunting for a blue-ribbon shrub for Southwest Florida’s landscapes and climate, and pineapple guava comes up a winner every time. Its attractive silvery foliage, pink flowers with burgundy stamens and edible fruits entice humans, bees and butterflies alike. The sweetly tangy flowers (appearing April through…

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Firebush: A Bullet-proof South Florida Native

South Florida native Firebush, with its tubular reddish-orange flowers, is an easy-to-grow plant attractive to myriad butterflies and hummingbirds (birds also like to feed on its berries). Not only does its natural look work in any home landscape, but it also requires very little attention once established. Interestingly, extracts of…

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Jamaican caper

Jamaican Caper: Perfect Hedge for your Florida Landscape

“Perfect” is hard to define for most of us; however, the Jamaican caper has earned the reputation of a being the perfect hedge for Southwest Florida landscapes. From its glossy evergreen- and bronze-colored leaves to showy, two-inch orchid-like flowers, Jamaican caper delights its owners year round. Jamaican caper is only…

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