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Hurricane Irma

Don’t Give Up on Trees Overturned by Irma

Now that Hurricane Irma has roared through Florida, landscape companies across the state are being besieged by callers wanting their toppled trees to be replaced. ArtisTree’s advice? Don’t give up your trees overturned by Irma just yet. If yours is a smaller specimen, you may be able to treat it…

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rain on grass

Waterlogged Lawns: Should You Mow or Not

Some days it’s easy to read Mother Nature and tell our mow crews to go home -- especially during Florida's rainy season when lightening threatens and lawns become waterlogged. We certainly don't want to endanger our crews or damage lawns with deep mower ruts.  For the most part, property managers…

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dollar sign of leaves

Why HOAs Should Avoid Lowball Landscape Maintenance Proposals

If your HOA community is shopping for a new landscape maintenance provider, then you owe it to your board members to share this story with them. One side of the coin: Lowballing prices makes landscape companies competitive and helps them retain clients who may look elsewhere. The flip side: Going…

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Residential street in Venice, Florida


There’s no disputing the facts: Florida Home Owner Association communities are strengthened when their lawns and landscapes are healthy. Neighborhoods are more peaceful, more enjoyable and better protected from environmental threats against them. Without proper attention, unwanted plants can cause debilitating allergies that can force residents to enjoy the outdoors…

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