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Cuban Royal Palms Grace Sarasota & Venice with Style

Cuban Royal palms grace Sarasota and Venice landscapes in a cool, calm and collected way. In fact, ArtisTree remembers Tommy Bahama selling “Stay Palm and Carry On” shirts - a play on words for “Stay Calm and Carry On.” Well, for us, calm/palm both speak to the Cuban Royal. You…

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Montgomery Palms Are Growing Popular in Southwest Florida

Montgomery palms are growing popular in Southwest Florida, but for ArtisTree Landscape, they've always been a longtime favorite. For starters, Montgomery palms are what we call a Goldilock species – not too big, not too small, but just right. These fast growers (25-35 feet) can fit in tight spaces and…

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European Fan Palms Are a Fan Favorite in Florida

No wonder European fan palms are a fan favorite in Southwest Florida. You can tuck these compact beauties almost anywhere in your landscape and not have to worry about them outgrowing their space. Better yet, the only thing they demand is your admiring glance, which should be easy enough considering…

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foxtail palm seed pods

Foxtail Palm Seed Pods: To Cut or Not to Cut?

Southwest Florida residents love the show-stopping colors of foxtail palm seed pods, but should the pods be cut off or left alone? The quick answer is, “It’s a matter of preference.” Here at ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design, we recommend cutting off the foxtail palm seed pods. Foxtails are heavy…

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