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Star Jasmine

Consider White Plants for Your Florida Landscape

“I would love to find a client who would consider all white plants for their Florida landscape. For me, white really pops. It’s soft, but if you want to go real formal, there’s nothing prettier than white against dark green plantings like a hedge of podocarpus or Japanese boxwood. A…

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purple-flowering plants

Purple-flowering Plants and Trees for Southwest Florida

“I always favor purple-flowering plants and trees, because purple is the color of royalty. Purple pigment was very expensive and hard to obtain, which made it a rare and unique color to be worn only by kings and queens. Purple flowers in the landscape also provide a rich color that…

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Spartan juniper

Spartan Juniper: Fast-growing Hedge for Sarasota

Do you need privacy from a roadway or neighbor? Want a tall, luxurious hedge to boost the value of your property? Plant a row of Spartan junipers, and before you know it, your backyard will become a peaceful and private sanctuary. Native to China (not Ancient Greece as its name…

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foxtail palm seed pods

Foxtail Palm Seed Pods: To Cut or Not to Cut?

Southwest Florida residents love the show-stopping colors of foxtail palm seed pods, but should the pods be cut off or left alone? The quick answer is, “It’s a matter of preference.” Here at ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design, we recommend cutting off the foxtail palm seed pods. Foxtails are heavy…

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