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Florida landscapes pop with begonias and coconut palms

Florida Landscapes Look Less Crammed with Simple Groupings

Simple design goes a long way, as shown in this stunning waterfront property graced with begonias and coconut palms. Designed by Venice-based ArtisTree Landscape. Florida landscapes look better less crammed, and that’s putting it mildly if you listen to ArtisTree Landscape Designer Clinton Lak. “Florida newcomers enamored with our tropical…

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Florida ixora

Florida Ixoras Brighten Up HOA Landscapes Throughout Sarasota County

Florida ixoras brighten up HOA landscapes throughout Sarasota County like no other shrub. Planted in mass, they invite admiring glances for their jam-packed flower clusters that look like they came straight out of a glossy magazine. No wonder they remain a perennial favorite of homeowner associations. They’re fresh, fancy and…

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Remember to vote for ArtisTree in Herald-Tribune Readers’ Choice Awards!

[caption id="attachment_7203" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Vote for ArtisTree as Best Landscaper for another year![/caption] Now we just sit back and wait. Thanks to all for taking time to vote for ArtisTree. Winners will be announced in the next few weeks! Sarasota: Manatee: Venice: A few testimonials from years past on why…

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