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Florida landscapes pop with begonias and coconut palms

Florida Landscapes Look Less Crammed with Simple Groupings

Simple design goes a long way, as shown in this stunning waterfront property graced with begonias and coconut palms. Designed by Venice-based ArtisTree Landscape. Florida landscapes look better less crammed, and that’s putting it mildly if you listen to ArtisTree Landscape Designer Clinton Lak. “Florida newcomers enamored with our tropical…

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Ponytail Palms Overlooked in Florida Landscapes

Ponytail palms abound in pots and nurseries, but try finding them in Florida landscapes. Sure, you’ll spot them occasionally, but the Hollywood types of foxtails, wild dates and Cuban royals seem to be overshadowing them lately. And that’s too bad, because ponytails are perfectly fine specimens that have their own…

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Ylang ylang

Add Ylang ylang to Your Florida Landscape for a Hint of Chanel No. 5

Add the iconic fragrance of Chanel No. 5 to your Florida landscape with the Ylang ylang (pronounced EE-lang EE-lang) tree. Native to the rain forests of tropical Asian countries, this fast-growing ornamental tree has long, drooping branches which produce fragrant, chartreuse blossoms that take on a dark yellow hue just…

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Jamaican caper

Jamaican Caper: Perfect Hedge for your Florida Landscape

“Perfect” is hard to define for most of us; however, the Jamaican caper has earned the reputation of a being the perfect hedge for Southwest Florida landscapes. From its glossy evergreen- and bronze-colored leaves to showy, two-inch orchid-like flowers, Jamaican caper delights its owners year round. Jamaican caper is only…

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