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Water-loving plants

Sarasota Water-Loving Plants

In Florida's rainy season, when it rains it really DOES pour! Florida’s rainy season is still here, and Mother Nature has not been shy about pouring down on the Sarasota area lately. Frequent and long-lasting rain can mean the death of many landscape plants (due to excess water and a…

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American beautyberry

American Beautyberry Will Give You Butterflies

Looking for a Florida native plant that will attract butterflies, birds and your neighbors’ admiration? Look no further than the exquisite American Beautyberry – a cold-hardy deciduous shrub that produces a striking cluster of plump purple berries throughout Florida and the southern United States.  Beautyberries look particularly charming under tall…

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Firebush: A Bullet-proof South Florida Native

South Florida native Firebush, with its tubular reddish-orange flowers, is an easy-to-grow plant attractive to myriad butterflies and hummingbirds (birds also like to feed on its berries). Not only does its natural look work in any home landscape, but it also requires very little attention once established. Interestingly, extracts of…

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Coontie Adds a Prehistoric Touch to Florida Landscape

We could start with how much sun this hardy cycad requires and where you should plant it, but let’s skip to the fascinating part about Indians, cyanide-like toxin and dinosaurs. Meet the coontie plant. Well before Florida was “discovered” in 1513, the native Calusa and Timucuan people were using the…

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