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Jamaican caper

Jamaican Caper: Perfect Hedge for your Florida Landscape

“Perfect” is hard to define for most of us; however, the Jamaican caper has earned the reputation of a being the perfect hedge for Southwest Florida landscapes. From its glossy evergreen- and bronze-colored leaves to showy, two-inch orchid-like flowers, Jamaican caper delights its owners year round. Jamaican caper is only…

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Dwarf Jatropha bloom

Dwarf Jatropha: Star of South Florida Landscapes

If you’re looking for a glamorous little tree that can belt out scarlet flowers 365 days a year, consider a Jatropha integerrima ‘Compacta,’ or dwarf jatropha. This show-stealer is actually a shrub, but when trained to grow in multiple trunks, it earns star status as one of the best-dressed ornamentals…

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Orange bulbine

Add a Ballet of Bulbine to Your Florida Landscape

You can see the ebullient little flowers dancing high above the grass-like leaves -- fluid and in unison, a ballet of tiny orange petals bending and bobbing like there’s no tomorrow. It’s almost as if they have to overcompensate for their industrial-sounding name. After all, they have soft succulent leaves.…

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