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Jamaican caper

Jamaican Caper: Perfect Hedge for your Florida Landscape

“Perfect” is hard to define for most of us; however, the Jamaican caper has earned the reputation of a being the perfect hedge for Southwest Florida landscapes. From its glossy evergreen- and bronze-colored leaves to showy, two-inch orchid-like flowers, Jamaican caper delights its owners year round. Jamaican caper is only…

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Dwarf Jatropha bloom

Dwarf Jatropha: Star of South Florida Landscapes

If you’re looking for a glamorous little tree that can belt out scarlet flowers 365 days a year, consider a Jatropha integerrima ‘Compacta,’ or dwarf jatropha. This show-stealer is actually a shrub, but when trained to grow in multiple trunks, it earns star status as one of the best-dressed ornamentals…

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Orange bulbine

Add a Ballet of Bulbine to Your Florida Landscape

You can see the ebullient little flowers dancing high above the grass-like leaves -- fluid and in unison, a ballet of tiny orange petals bending and bobbing like there’s no tomorrow. It’s almost as if they have to overcompensate for their industrial-sounding name. After all, they have soft succulent leaves.…

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Coontie Adds a Prehistoric Touch to Florida Landscape

We could start with how much sun this hardy cycad requires and where you should plant it, but let’s skip to the fascinating part about Indians, cyanide-like toxin and dinosaurs. Meet the coontie plant. Well before Florida was “discovered” in 1513, the native Calusa and Timucuan people were using the…

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