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Florida dragonflies

Florida dragonflies create a fall buzz in Sarasota.

Florida dragonflies have been out in force these past few weeks and for good reason. They’ve had the summer to grow and hatch, and now they’re gobbling up mosquitoes by the thousands. So much so that last week a Sarasota resident approached an ArtisTree manager with some concerns about his…

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ArtisTree employees grilling outside more during COVID

ArtisTree Landscape Employees Enjoy Yards During COVID

ArtisTree Landscape employees are enjoying their yards more these days, preferring outdoor family time over crowds during the COVID-19 pandemic. July 2020 survey findings surprised the company's upper management, who assumed that most ArtisTree employees working 50-60 hours outside every week wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a blade of…

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Cuban Royal Palms Grace Sarasota & Venice with Style

Cuban Royal palms grace Sarasota and Venice landscapes in a cool, calm and collected way. In fact, ArtisTree remembers Tommy Bahama selling “Stay Palm and Carry On” shirts - a play on words for “Stay Calm and Carry On.” Well, for us, calm/palm both speak to the Cuban Royal. You…

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Florida Friendly Gold Sedum Will Spike Up Your Garden

Florida Friendly Gold Sedum finds its niche nearly everywhere – creeping over boulders, spilling down slopes or cascading from coral-colored pots. It’s needle-like but soft. Ground hugging but bright. If you’re looking for a graceful succulent with a spunky attitude, you’ll see it in sedum. As you might guess, gold…

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