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Pyramidal trees

Pyramidal trees add Christmas flair to Sarasota landscapes.

Pyramidal trees planted on Sarasota properties always make an elegant statement -- their natural symmetry accentuating spacious estates and secluded residences. But come December, they take on a special holiday flair, their conical shapes reminiscent of fragrant firs on Christmas tree lots. Here are ArtisTree’s four top pyramidal picks should…

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Eagleston hollies

Eagleston Hollies Among Sarasota’s Best Privacy Fences

Eagleston hollies are making a big splash with Sarasota homeowners seeking pool privacy. If you’re looking for a hedge that’s hardy but refined, these pyramidal beauties are the perfect choice. Newly installed Eagleston hollies will fill out for optimum privacy. Shapable with small slender branches, these evergreens can grow full…

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Japanese blueberry trees

Japanese Blueberry Trees a Fresh Pick for Florida Landscapes

Japanese blueberry trees don’t loaf around. They’re too busy flanking entrance ways or serving up quiet privacy for Florida residences. Fit for a castle or a cottage, these unsung evergreens will grow on you for their lush dense foliage and elegant versatility. Plus, they’re an excellent alternative to the more…

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