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ArtisTree custom landscapes

ArtisTree Custom Landscapes Are Made to Order

Hand-selected foxtail palms and wild date palms grace this stunning Sarasota waterfront residence. ArtisTree custom landscapes refer to much more than a customized design. With that design you’re also getting ultra-fresh plant material based on our “on-demand” business model. If you’re a Floridian living in Lakewood Ranch, University Park, Wellen…

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Florida landscapes pop with begonias and coconut palms

Florida Landscapes Look Less Crammed with Simple Groupings

Simple design goes a long way, as shown in this stunning waterfront property graced with begonias and coconut palms. Designed by Venice-based ArtisTree Landscape. Florida landscapes look better less crammed, and that’s putting it mildly if you listen to ArtisTree Landscape Designer Clinton Lak. “Florida newcomers enamored with our tropical…

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Pineapple guava flower

Florida’s Pineapple Guava: Unfussy & Sublime

ArtisTree’s award-winning designers are always hunting for a blue-ribbon shrub for Southwest Florida’s landscapes and climate, and pineapple guava comes up a winner every time. Its attractive silvery foliage, pink flowers with burgundy stamens and edible fruits entice humans, bees and butterflies alike. The sweetly tangy flowers (appearing April through…

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Joe Mantkowski


ArtisTree Landscape Designer Joe Mantkowski grew up in Southwest Florida, helping his dad with their growing landscape business. His lifetime of working around the area’s lush landscapes inspired Joe to seek a career in the green industry, and now as a successful landscape designer, he serves many of the region’s…

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