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Agapanthus panned by ArtisTree Plantopinions experts.

Agapanthus doesn’t pan out for most local Sarasota County landscapes, at least if you ask ArtisTree’s Plantopinions experts. No one questions their beauty – delicate blooms in lavender, purple, blue or white perched on tall single stalks. Even the strap-like leaves in clear rich green will draw you in. But…

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Approved plant lists HOA

Approved plant lists in Florida HOAs: Do you know yours?

Creating a landscape plan without knowing what plants are allowed in your HOA is a waste of time. Approved plant lists in HOA communities can be viewed as your friend or enemy. On one hand, they serve as established guidelines that facilitate landscape design by listing plants suitable to your…

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Florida mast trees

Florida Mast Trees An Offbeat But Satisfying Landscape Choice

Southwest Florida mast trees look like they’ve stepped out of a quirky fashion magazine. Tall and slender, their feathery branches droop all the way to the ground, resembling floor-length pencil skirts that totally obscure their trunks. These attention-getters have glided their way into Sarasota Florida landscapes as an unconventional option…

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