John M.

July 18, 2017

This weekend another neighbor stopped by to compliment me on the appearance of my house after your recent landscaping and paving work. This makes four neighbors since you finished the project a short month ago. I really didn’t expect a single person to stop by and comment on the landscaping. Four separate interactions are certainly exceptional; exceptional enough that it deserves a special “Thank You” to you, ArtisTree.

The project required the coordination of several work crews – those that removed the old driveway replacing it with new pavers, those that removed the old landscaping and installed the new plants and trees, the irrigation work crew, and then the lighting specialists. All did an exceptional job and they all coordinated their work to complete the work on schedule and on budget. I am very pleased with the new improved look of my residence, and apparently so are many of my neighbors. I have to confess to them that I had little to do with the final project – it was all ArtisTree.

I would like to extend a special thanks to Clinton Lak, the Landscape Architect who drew up the plans, coordinated the project, and held my hand during the work. The finished product was spectacular and he had everything to do with this result. Very good was not good enough for Clinton. He inspected the finished project, one that I was very happy with, and had a crew come back and make minor adjustments that he thought appropriate. Clinton is a true professional and a perfectionist! Clinton and all the workers on this project certainly lived up to ArtisTree’s exceptional Mission Statement and held to your core values.

John M.